National TV Dinner Day

National TV Dinner Day

Today is National TV Dinner Day. I love a TV dinner, maybe mostly because I don’t like my food to touch, so the compartments are ideal for that. When my Mom would grocery shop with me in tow, I’d get to pick my TV dinner. Looking back I think I selected the meal based on the dessert choice, my favorite was the (somewhat dry) chocolate brownie, but the cobbler (with a lava hot center) was a close second.

A good friend recently sent me a divided plate, which has become my every day dinner plate. I love the fact my peas can’t roll around and the gravy stays in place. This plate got me thinking, what if I created my own prepped and frozen TV dinners? It makes so much sense, instead of freezing a whole lasagna, I can slice it, plate it, add a veggie and maybe a dessert. Then I started doing this with all sorts of meals, leftover chicken, turkey, and more. Everything is cooked, I plate it, freeze it, and reheat it to a safe temperature!

Pick a protein:

  1. ham
  2. chicken
  3. turkey
  4. meatloaf
  5. lasagna
  6. baked ziti
  7. spaghetti and meatballs
  8. pot roast
  9. hamburger (wrap bun separately)
  10. tofu

Add a side(s):

  1. mashed potatoes
  2. roasted potatoes
  3. rice pilaf
  4. baked potato
  5. green beans
  6. peas
  7. corn
  8. carrots
  9. broccoli
  10. cauliflower
  11. cinnamon apples
  12. cornbread
  13. corn casserole
  14. mac and cheese
  15. sweet potato casserole
  16. creamed spinach
  17. asparagus
  18. brussel sprouts
  19. zucchini
  20. peas and carrots

And something sweet:

  1. Cobbler
  2. Brownie
  3. Chocolate chip cookie
  4. Apple crumble

Everyone can have their own favorite. Perfect for a busy day. Leftovers get used up.

*If you have a vacuum sealer, you could seal the plates that way. Or foil wrap them microwavable plates or re-usable.

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