National Video Games Day

National Video Games Day

Wondering how to organize video game accessories? National Video Games Day is the best day to find out. Here are my ideas and my favorite game. Growing up my family would go camping, a lot. One of my favorite camp grounds had an arcade. Whenever it would rain we would get a roll of quarters and spend time indoors. Although I liked PacMan and Frogger, my favorite game was Galaga. Att home we had Atari and my favorite game was Q-Bert. That’s the one where you have to keep the character from falling off the pyramid. But by far my most favorite game of all was Donkey Kong. My Grandma bought me a lap size arcade and I played that for hours.

Back then Atari console with cartridges and joysticks was not a lot to organize. The cartridges were sturdy and the joystick cords wrapped around the controller easily. But today the games are on small cartridges or delicate CDs and there are so many accessories to sort out. If you are trying to organize your video games try this:

  1. Color coordinate your games and pieces. Wrap a short length of colored or designed tape (like this) around the cords. Use one style of tape for each brand of game. That way, at a glance, you can tell what matches to what.
  2. Use boxes with lids to contain the collection. If possible use one container per brand. These can be stored on a nearby shelf or stacked on their own. The handles make them easy to pull out as needed. Just remember to label them. And measure first to be sure your console will fit inside width-wise and the tallest piece fits height-wise.
  3. Or consider a rolling cart with drawers. Roll the games to the television then roll them away.
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