Pictures You Promised People

I hit the ‘gallery’ icon on my phone and there is was – the picture I promised to send my sister (a few weeks ago.) Whoops.










She knows how much I heart dragonflies and for my birthday she bought me a strand of tiny, light-up dragonflies. Near my desk I have a vase with sparkly branches and I strung the strand around a few of the branches.

I promised her a photo to show her how great they look – then I forgot to send her the photo.

Then there is the picture of bubbles. I spent an afternoon with my niece and nephews blasting bubbles from a bubble gun. They wanted me to capture a photo of their bubbles before they burst. I got a good shot with my camera where is has stayed for months and months.

Every so often the kids ask me to send it to them and I feel bad I haven’t made the time to locate it sooner.

bubbles 2









Don’t even ask about this image from Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania.

longwood gardens








While strolling along the garden paths I met a lovely couple from England. Their phone battery had died and they were anxious to get a photo of the two of them in front of this fountain.

I happily snapped it with my camera. I took their email address. I intended to send the photo. That was YEARS ago.

But you know what? I sent it this weekend.

And you know what? They were thrilled!

  • At first I thought it was too late to send it.
  • Then I thought if I send it they might be mad I didn’t send it sooner.
  • Then as I typed the email I was stuck for what to write – I considered something like, “Hey, remember me? I took this photo of you in Longwood Gardens in June 2006 and I have no good excuse for why I haven’t sent it before now. Hope you like it!”
  • Then I wondered if their email address would even still be the same.

Finally I just wrote:
I came across this photo of you from 6/2006 in Longwood Gardens. I meant to send it sooner but I hope seeing it now brings back good memories of your trip!

I hit “send” and waited for a reply.

Within an hour I heard back from them. They were thrilled to get the photo. They has great memories of having met me and of their trip to The States.

They said they had been busy too and could not believe it had been 10 years! They appreciated being thought of and wished me well.

They were not upset or angry or disappointed in me.  I was a little upset and disappointed in myself for putting it off so long. But instead of waiting a moment longer I took action.

And their email reply made me realize we are all busy and people appreciate being thought of – even if it is years later. I let go of my guilt and enjoyed reconnecting with them.

Now I am going to forward all the photos I took over the holiday weekend so I’ll be caught up on the pictures I promised people.

How about you? Do you have a photo or two that you promised to send someone? Today is the perfect day to do it!

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