Please call before coming over

I’ll need some time to tidy up. It’s getting out of control over here, in the past few weeks things have started to really pile up near my front door. 

Sitting by the door I have: 

  • a box of books to donate to the local library
  • a box to dropped at UPS to be mailed
  • a bag of things to return to Target 
  • a cooler bag I used last week (I hope it is empty)

I’m sure there is more I just can’t remember everything. Do you have a spot where things have piled up? 

Like me, it might be by the door. Or the staircase to go upstairs. Or clothes on a chair. Or stuff on a countertop. Or mail on a table.

Wherever it is how about we take 10 minutes today to clear the pile-up? If I plan a quick trip AND remember to take the stuff with me I can run to the library which is near the UPS store and Target is along the way. That’s three things done in less than an hour! 

The cooler can be wiped out and put away before I let myself watch my favorite TV show. 

I know once I clear it I’ll wonder why I waited so long to take care of it. 

How about you? Will you join me in getting stuff where it belongs? 

I know we will both feel a lot better once it is done. 

So ready, set, let’s do this! If you tune into the podcast this Friday I’ll let you know if I was successful.

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