Relax Breathe Trust


Yesterday I spent most of the day thinking about what I would write for you as today’s “toss it” tip.

Honestly, nothing felt right. There are so many possibilities, think about it, the tip could be about anything!

  • I considered a tip for under the kitchen sink
  • I considered a tip for your linen closet
  • I considered a tip for your handbag
  • I considered a tip for your email inbox
  • I considered a tip for your car
  • I considered a tip for your laundry
  • I considered a tip for your to-do list

Well, you get the idea. I considered lots and lots of ideas.

Then I realized something – all these tips (as helpful as they are) can make you feel inadequate and unsuccessful.

And I NEVER want you to feel anything but wildly successful and totally capable– because that is what you are! (Even if you don’t feel like it every second of every day, I know it is true.)

So today, instead of sharing yet another tip, I’m inviting you to simply stop for a moment.

Relax – breathe – and trust that you are doing just fine, I promise.

Sure some days you might feel more on top of things than other days, but overall you are doing a great job!

I’ll be back next Tuesday with another tip to help you simplify your life. Who knows, it might be a tip about:

  • How to organize under the kitchen sink
  • How to organize your linen closet
  • How to organize your handbag
  • How to organize your email inbox
  • How to organize your car
  • How to organize your laundry
  • How to organize your to-do list

But today can we agree to recognize that we are making it happen.

Things are getting done!

You are more on top of things that you give yourself credit for.

You are doing a great job.

Way to go you!!

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