Sell Your Stuf (a REVISED List)

Last week we talked about having a box of stuff to sell at a yard sale – but never actually having a yard sale.

I complied a list of ways to sell stuff if you aren’t planning a yard sale. My list was good. But many of you sent me ideas for categories I did not cover on my original list.

So this week I present to you the REVISED list! Stay tuned, because next week I’ll share my secrets to a profitable & EASY yard sale.

And you know Ebay is a place to sell just about anything. But you may not be up for the whole Ebay thing. No worries! FedEx offers Ebay Valet service. You bring the item and they do all the work!

Ready? Here’s the NEW list:

(note: I am not sponsored by any of these companies or websites)  

·    Books/Cookbooks/Textbooks (they pay shipping)

·    China & china sets

·    Clothing (Women’s, Children, Men’s) (they pay shipping)

·    Costume jewelry many consignment shops buy costume jewelry on the spot

·    Crafting supplies list them on

·    DVD’s and CD’s Decluttr app

·    Electronics at NextWorth

·    Gift Card Granny buys your gift cards

·    Glassware

·    Handbags (designer) you send them a photo and they guarantee their purchase price

·    Hobby collectibles try a local hobby shop

·    Kid 2 Kid re-sells your children’s gear

·    Musical Instruments call your local music store or music teacher – they know of people looking to buy these items

·    Photography equipment try a local camera repair shop

·    Prom gowns

·    Silver

·    Specialty items (like hiking/camping equipment or sports stuff): try this is a site where like-minded people create in-person meet up groups. For example, a hiking group. You can email the administrator to ask if someone in the local group might be interested.

·    Sports equipment

·    Valuable, potentially valuable and all the OTHER STUFF like vinyl records, VHS tapes, rotary dial phones, vintage toys, collectibles, figurines, linens, clothes and just about anything else

·    Wedding Dress

If you are more tech savvy then there are two apps for selling stuff, you can try LetGo and OfferUp.

Note: this info can change, it is current as of 4/11/17

And remember you don’t have to do this alone. If you like the idea of selling your stuff, but don’t like the idea of all the work that comes with it – then try hiring out the job. A local teen who typically babysits or does snow removal might be interested.


Without a deadline, the items are destined to sit (unsold) in a box. Team up with a friend or neighbor so you can hold each other accountable to the date you set.