Summer Fun Bag

Has a fun and relaxing day trip ever turned into a stressful can’t-get-out-the-door event?

This season I want to be ready for fun outings, like concerts in the park. Which is why I’m packing a bag so I’ll have the essentials, like bug spray and a clean towel, ready to go! 

Next, I’ll have to track down the missing lawn chairs and freeze the ice packs so they’re ready to slip into the cooler.

In a few weeks, I don’t want the look up and realize the leaves are starting to fall and I let the summer pass me by.

  • I want to go to concerts in the park and bonfires on the beach
  • I want to head out for a road trip to nowhere special
  • I want to go to the beach, the pool, the lake

I want to be ready to go without getting stressed out!

So, I’m packing a summer fun bag. The key is balance. I want to pack the basics, to be as prepared as possible. But I won’t try to pack everything that we might possibly need.

In fact, some of the best moments have happened when we didn’t have all that extra stuff. Like no sand toys meant we could make up a game of searching for mermaid diamonds in the sand.

Here’s what’s going inside my bag:

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Beach towels
  3. Extra pairs of sunglasses
  4. Zip top bags or reusable bags (perfect for almost anything like wet clothes, seashells collections and so much more.)
  5. Coins for the parking meters
  6. An extra deodorant
  7. Lip balm
  8. A mini first aid kit with the basics like band-aids and ointment
  9. Bug repellent
  10. Something for hair like anti-frizz cream and a hairband
  11. And a paint brush which is perfect for brushing dry sand off legs and feet (some people prefer baby powder for removing sand)
  12. sunhat or visor
  13. light jacket/sweater for cooler evenings or going indoors into A/C
  14. snacks that don’t melt easily
  15. water bottle

 What did I miss? What’s in your bag? Are you ready for summer fun? Are you going to head outdoors to make new memories? I hope so! 

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