Taco Day

Taco Day
Happy National Taco Day! Are you eating tacos today to celebrate? Tacos is my favorite food group 🙂 I love a breakfast taco, a dessert taco, and almost every other type of taco.

One year I was gifted a taco organizer, well I guess it is a stand, but I call it an organizer. You are supposed to line your tacos up, so they can’t tip over as you are filling them. A thoughtful gift, but I never use it. So into the donate pile it goes. What else is also going out? Stale taco shells, out of date taco seasoning mix, spicy salsa (I can’t do spicy) and all the other taco related items that I don’t need, won’t use, tried and won’t finish. Are you ready to declutter with me on taco day?

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