Test It Out Thursday: All I Wanted Was a Slice of Pizza

It all started when I wanted a slice of pizza…I pulled the frozen pizza out of the freezer and things quickly went downhill from there.

020Once cooked to cut the pizza I’d need the pizza wheel- which was somewhere in this scary kitchen drawer.

021Seriously, where did all this stuff come from?

023Since I had to wait for the oven to pre-heat I figured I’d have enough time to sort out the mess.

024 I started by clearing counter top so I’d have a place to dump the junk.
Capture6Because I use them all the time for in-home client appointments I almost always have a set of my favorite drawer organizers on hand, these interlocking bins, a junk drawer organizer, and a narrow organizer. This time around the set of organizers were for my messy and overcrowded drawer.

028With the oven pre-heating to 375 degrees I got started.

029Started dumping the junk onto the counter.

030 There was still some leftover in the drawer.

031Including a knife pointing the wrong way – always watch out for sharp objects!

032Instead of wasting my time with handfuls of crushed packets of crackers and a silly number of packages of take-out silverware I grabbed an empty box to toss everything into to carry it to the counter.

033When did we bring home grape jelly? And see that packet of mayo? It is ready to explode- the packet has ballooned up. I think I caught it just in time!

036Now the counter looked like this. And I had one of those dreaded WHAT WAS I THINKING moments! Seriously, now the counter was a mess and I had just a few minutes before the pizza would be ready.

038 But the drawer looked like this which sort of kept my momentum going, I could see progress.

039See that – all the way in the back- I spotted two crumbling birthday candles.  041Once the candles were out I wiped down the drawer using my favorite brand of cleaner – Caldrea Counter top Cleanser the scent is Basil Blue Sage, I’m just re-using the Herbs de Provence bottle.

043Well the timer for the oven pre-heat sounded and I hadn’t put one item back into the drawer so put the pizza in to bake and re-adjusted my goal to get the drawer put back together before the pizza was ready.

049 I lined my newly cleaned drawer with a few terry towels to catch water drips or crumbs. I find it easier to shake out the towels then to wipe down the whole drawer. Plus wayward birthday candles will not melt to my drawer.

050In the corners I brought the towel up a little.

051Just like this.

053Then the first one piece organizer was in place.

054 Then I had to move the smaller interlocking pieces around to make a good configuration.

055Once I had them arranged the way I wanted it was time to lock them together which keeps them from sliding all around the drawer.

056 A quick slip of the one part up and under the lip of the other.

057Just like this.

058 Done!

059Now the drawer looked like this. Almost time to put the items back into the drawer. And more importantly almost time to eat the pizza!

062Then I turned around and saw this – ugh!

063The countdown was on only 7 minutes left – must sort the stuff quickly!

066 Remember I like to slide the instruction manuals for kitchen appliances underneath the drawer organizers. And no I’ve never referenced them (but I might.)

067 Sort…sort…and sort some more.

068I made a ? pile. This keeps me from getting tripped up is I find something I’m not sure what it is. Instead of trying to figure out what something is I just place it in the question pile. I also made a donation pile just in case – although I knew there was no way I was donating my ancient packets of mayonnaise.

069I found the magnet for my favorite take out place – I added the contact number to my phone and tossed the magnet. But no pizza wheel.

072Why was I storing 4 sets of pumpkin carving tools? Yes I need them but not for almost another year. Add these to the boxes of fall decorations. Still no pizza wheel.

073Yippeee! My favorite scissors! But no pizza wheel.074I keep these handy in a mug by the stove. How did they end up the in drawer? Never mind I just had to keep storing, the pizza was smelling great.081 Hey two recipes, for what I’m not sure. No name just ingredients. Tossed them in the overflowing shoebox of recipes I’ve clipped but never prepared. But no pizza wheel. 075

  • Used straws – toss (and gross)
  • A knife sheath I never use- toss
  • Smashed crackers – toss
  • Way too many condiments from a long, long time ago – toss
  • Pre-packaged silverware with the silverware missing – toss

076The ? pile was growing ever larger.

  • two wooden discs that look important
  • two brand new screws that also look important
  • a replacement button and thread for a shirt (I don’t know why don’t ask)
  • a clear plastic foot that goes to something
  • a clover shaped metal piece for something
  • two packets of cut flower food
  • an mini metal spatula (I think)
  • but no pizza wheel

078Then it was time to start putting the things back into the drawer.

085Measuring spoons. Check.

Veggie peeler. Check.

Birthday candles. Check

Bottle opener. Check.

Food thermometer. Check.

Can opener. Check.

Lighter. Check.

Beaters for handheld mixer. Check.

Knives. Check.

Zero balance gift cards. Check.

Wait, what? Zero balance gift cards? Yep. Perfect for scraping gunk off the counter tops or microwave without messing up my manicure.

Pizza wheel. Still missing.

086My Mom’s vintage pasta strainer – I don’t use it but I really love seeing it. Good memories.087More stuff going in the drawer. But still no pizza wheel.

088And just in time since the pizza was ready. But still no pizza wheel.

I cut the pizza with a knife and it still tasted great. It was even more delicious because I was enjoying my newly organized drawer. No more slipping my hand in the messy drawer to push stuff down so I can open or close the drawer!  082