Toss It Tuesday: The Teddy Bear Edition

While dusting a shelf in the living room today I came across this fluffy teddy bear.

I like teddy bears in general but especially ones with white, sparkly fur – somehow they seem more unique or rare or something. I remember this one arriving to my house with a box of chocolates one Valentine’s Day.

how to organize teddy bearsThen I was gifted her two buddies for my birthday.  They are super soft and are somewhat weighted with bean bag arms, legs and belly! Their plaid bows make me smile.

Stuffed animal clutterSo I asked myself: will someone love this more than I do?

The answer: Yes

Once I decided that someone would love this trio of bears more than I do I needed to find them a new home. But finding a new home for plush toys is not always easy. The good news is Project Smile is happy to adopt these cute and cuddly critters.

Which means into the box with this one… what to do with stuffed toys And her two friends to keep her company…

donate stuffed animals Then I went on a treasure hunt to locate even more plush friends to add to the box. Score!! I found a hippo (purchased at Kohl’s for Kohl’s Cares – I’d never seen a stuffed hippopotamus and I thought it was really cute.)

A beanie baby gorilla named Tumba – hmmm wait maybe this one is valuable. A quick look on Ebay and I got my hopes up. I saw multiple listing for the rare Tumba, $60.00 and more!

Then I filtered my search results to view only the sold listings. Bummer. They sell for about $2.50. Oh well, no island vacation for me by selling beanie babies.

IMG_3585And two more teddy bears. Where do all these bears come from?

stuffed animal organization Finally two Blue Nosed friends from the Carte Blanche card company. They were cute gifts. I still love the gift giver. But they have to go. I remembered my keep/toss question: will someone love this more than I do? The answer: YES! I’m tried of cleaning around these cute dust collectors.

stuffed animal clutterSo into the box with the bunch of them. I wanted them to all go together. Weird maybe, but it made me feel better about letting them go to new homes.

getting rid of stuffed animals One last look before I seal up the box for good.

what to do with teddy bearsTape on the mailing label and they are ready to go. I even carried the box out to my car:

1. as a reminder to drop it off to be mailed and

2. so I would not be tempted to open the box and pull one or two of these little guys out

(okay, mostly #2)

what to do with stuffed animals And there you have it. I successfully de-cluttered a good number of stuffed animals. I know these seven cute plush toys will find new homes with children who need them. And I now have two and a half shelves of free space! Or at least I will until Valentine’s Day when there is a good chance I’ll get another teddy bear.


10 Replies to “Toss It Tuesday: The Teddy Bear Edition”

  1. Jeanne

    Love this idea for sharing stuffed animals. I had tried to sell some on eBay with no success. But sure don’t want to keep them or just pitch them. I’ll look into Project Smile. I also like to send items I’m parting with to two Native American reservations in the Dakotas. Both are very poor areas and very grateful for donations of all sorts of things. My town is fairly affluent (not my house but the town!) so I like sharing with people who don’t have as much. Just wish postage wasn’t so expensive, even with flat-rate boxes. Thanks for today’s tip!
    Hope the book is going well!

  2. Eve

    I really like this idea, but would love to find an organization like this in NJ, where I could actually drop off my donations.

  3. Maureen Gaughran

    Thank you so much for this! I have two HUGE stuffed animals for my son and I have no room for them. I feel guilty throwing them out because they were gifts so this is the perfect solution.

    • jamie Post author

      You are welcome Maureen. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. I think a lot of us can relate to huge collections of plush buddies. Remember to grab a photo of any you want to remember. And any super special ones can be stored in a treasure box to give to your son when he is older. And for the ones you will keep how about rotating them? Store some away and when you bring them out in a few months they are like new again. For the ones that will be relocated here are some other ideas Goodwill stores, Unique stores, and you can get some places to pick them up check out Good luck!

  4. Lynn Moore

    I have given away some of my stuffed animals at our yard sales. I mark them “free to good home”.

    • jamie Post author

      Lynn that is a super idea! Thanks for taking the time to mention it. I bet for someone like me who doesn’t host yard sales I might be able to drop them to someone who is having a sale. Great tip!

  5. Kathy Budnick

    Great mini motivation Jamie. I get rid of my stuffed animals by donating to curbside pickup charities like Lupus, Veteran groups and Big Brothers ad Sisters.

    • jamie Post author

      Kathy that is a great addition to this idea. I think I’ll update this with a list of alternative options – your suggestions will be perfect! Thanks for taking a moment to comment 🙂

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