Jamie helps you de-clutter one laugh at a time!

It’s unanimous, writers, editors and producers love Jamie. She’s your go-to source for fresh and doable ideas! A media savvy guest Jamie brings her infectious enthusiasm and bright smile to every project.

Humorous Organizer

My favorite thing in the world is to have someone tell me one of my tips changed their life!

Since leaving my full-time administrative assistant job in 2003, I’ve successfully worked full-time in my own business as a humorous organizer and motivational speaker.

Media Personality

I’ve appeared as an organizer on HGTV and Better TV, been an on-air guest with QVC, and been featured in an organizing related series on News 12.

I’ve built lasting relationships with the media; I pride myself on being the go-to source for many editors and writers from magazines like Woman’s World and websites like SheKnows.com. In 2012, my tips were featured in more than ten editions of Woman’s World Magazine with a circulation of 1.6 million readers. This spring the third reprint of Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Secrets of Getting Organized (distribution 430,000) will be on shelves and, for the third time, I’m a featured organizer with photos and book cover images throughout.

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Radio Host/Guest

I’ve been a lively on air guest for national drive time radio shows. I also host my own weekly internet radio show Once-a-Week Organizing with Jamie.

Motivational Speaker

As a sought after workshop presenter and motivational speaker, I make well over 50 appearances a year. I’ve taught at The Learning Annex in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego. I’ve presented workshops at more than 100 public libraries to standing room only crowds and have been invited back by every program coordinator I’ve ever worked with.

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Author and Blogger

Since 2006 I wrote four books and took each one to #1 on Amazon.com: Stop Throwing Money Away: Turn Clutter to Cash (1/29/2010 Wiley & Sons), The Get Organized Answer Book (3/1/2009 Sourcebooks), 1000 Best Quick and Easy Time-Saving Strategies (4/1/2007 Sourcebooks), and 1000 Best Quick and Easy Organizing Secrets (4/1/2006 Sourcebooks) which is still in the Top 100 in Kindle.

After my success as a blogger for Martha Stewart’s Whole Living Daily, my personal blog was inducted into Martha’s Circle. Some of my most popular posts garnered these statistics: 10 Re-Uses for Those Little Bread Tags (590,288 PV; 1,945 UVs) 12 Ways to Reuse Your Old Prescription Bottles (8,658 PV; 154 UVs) and 5 Reasons to Love Toilet Paper Tubes (2,357 PV; 163 UVs.)



I’ve represented national brands such as Brother, P&G Febreze, and 3M. I was the Chief Organizing Officer for Collectify, a home inventory software company.