Use Something Up

A few weeks (okay, maybe months) ago I tried a new recipe from my shoe-box of clipped but hardly ever prepared recipes. It called for a packet of sesame seeds – which I purchased.










I made the dish – sesame chicken – yum! But it had L-O-T-S of steps.

Now I’m stuck with leftover sesame seeds.

So I’m saving them.

What for? I’m not exactly sure.

Maybe for when I feel like making more sesame chicken? Which may be never because it took so long.

Maybe for another clipped recipe that calls for them? That’s doubtful.

Maybe to feed the birds? Do they even like sesame seeds? And they are so small how will they find them in the grass?









Then there is the cute, aquamarine zipper pouch filled with “gifts with purchase.”  I bought my favorite hand cream and it came with this fun little bag.

I tossed the miniature hand cream in my tote bag. But the facial set is almost too cute to use.

And if I use it I run the risk of (gasp) using it up.

So it sits patiently waiting on the bathroom vanity. Waiting to be put to use, which is what it was made for!

Are you ready for the May Challenge?

Use Something Up

Yep, that’s it. Find something, anything that you’ve been waiting to use, saving for a special day, or otherwise just holding onto and use it up!







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