WAIT! Why are you storing that?

Stop me when this sounds familiar. I pulled open “that” drawer (the one with all the random things I can’t decide what to do with) and I stuffed in a handful of leftover American Flag themed plates and napkins. Oh, and an eight pack of bubbles, can’t forget the bubbles!









I mean why wouldn’t I? Independence Day will come around again and I can use the plates and napkins and bubbles, right? Sure I’ll have to store them for 364 days, but I paid good money for them!

So into the drawer they go. But wait! Why are you storing that?

Will they store well? Probably not. There is a 100% chance they will get crushed, wrinkled and bent.

Will I remember I have them? Probably not. There is a good chance I’ll forget I kept them.

Will I need them? Probably not. If I host a get together next July 4th there is a good chance I’ll opt for a different theme in paper goods.

So WHY am I storing them?

Because they are still good!

So I’m going to let you in on a little secret. All those extra paper goods that are themed for specific events like July 4th or Happy Birthday – all those napkins and plates work just like any other napkin or plate on any other day of the year! Honest. Even if it is July 5th and it is not your birthday.

And while we’re talking, what’s with the specialty hand napkins for the bathroom? Have you ever placed them out for guests- only to realize no one used them? Then have you wondered – well then what did they use?








If you choose to store something here are the 3 rules:

Rule #1 Choose wisely

Not everything stores well. Bottles of bubbles can spill and make a big mess.

Rule #2 Leave a clue

Make a note on your calendar as a reminder to yourself about what you kept and where you hid it.

Rule #3 Size matters

Pick out items that work for the storage space you have. Lots of excess or oversize items take up a lot of space – space you might need for other things.

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