What Can I Do With My Old Furniture

What Can I Do With My Old Furniture

There comes a time when you need a solution for what to do with old furniture. Maybe you want to change your style, you have a pieces that is now just clutter, you inherited items, you are moving, children are moving out and leaving pieces behind. Whatever the reason, if you have a dresser, lamp, table, or chair (or anything else) and you are not sure what to do with it, check out this list.

What Can I Do With My Old Furniture
Let someone use the furniture

Someone needs the furniture you have to share. It is simply a matter of making a match. Keeping extra, unused pieces isn’t good for anyone and it isn’t good for the furniture. Pieces chip, break, warp, and deteriorate in storage. The cost of storage for big pieces is too great. Sure you may have an old bedroom set in your garage. That means your car is parked in the driveway, exposed to the elements.

Don’t do this!

Don’t put it in your basement or leave it in your garage with the plan to “refinish it later.” No one I know has ever actually refinished a piece of furniture! We all think we will, I’ve even told myself I would. Spoiler alert: I never did. Unless this is already a passion of yours, it is highly unlikely you will start now. And if you do start, there are plenty of unwanted pieces of furniture you can use.

16 Places to Give Your Furniture Away

Here are sixteen ways to figure out what you can do with your old furniture.

  1. Furniture Bank
  2. GoGreenDrop
  3. Salvation Army
  4. Habitat for Humanity
  5. Goodwill
  6. Pick Up Please
  7. The Arc
  9. Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA)
  10. United Way
  11. Donation Town
  12. Putting it at the curb with a sign “free”
  13. Hosting a garage/yard sale
  14. Listing it on a “buy nothing” group through social media
  15. Check with friends, family, and neighbors
  16. Ask students going to college, if they are renting an apartment
If It Is Junk

Check with your town. Most towns offer bulk disposal options.

Great Job!

Now you know what to do with old furniture! Hopefully these suggestions will be useful.

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