What to do with bread tags

What to do with bread tags

Okay, you unclip the plastic tab to open a bag of bread; what do you do with the tag? If you toss it into the kitchen junk drawer then this is the post for you. Check out what to do with bread tags, these tips will help you get more organized today!

Idea #1

Label spare keys: Use a tag to mark spare keys before putting them away. I know you think you’ll remember what the key opens – but I think we all know we never do. Simple clip the tab onto a single key, then using a permanent marker, label the tag.

Idea #2

Mark a roll of tape: Never lose the open end of a roll of tape again! Prevent an open roll of tape from sticking to itself by using a tag to mark the end of the roll. Next time you go to cut a piece of tape, you won’t have to search for the end.

Idea #3

Close bags of frozen veggies: use the plastic tag to close bags to prevent freezer burn.

Idea #4

Elastic storage: Whether you want to clip rubber bands together before tossing them in the junk drawer or hair elastics before tossing them in the bathroom vanity drawer, use a tag to keep them organized. Slip the tag onto the elastics to keep them matched up.

Idea #5

Plant identifier: Clip the tab onto a the garden fence or garden wire. Then using a permanent marker, label the tag. You’ll be able to easily identify seedling peppers from parsley and tomatoes from turnips.

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