What to do with clothes hangers

what to do with clothes hangers
Sometimes you just have to stop and ask yourself, how many clothes hangers do I need? Unless you are opening a dry cleaning business, the answer is probably fewer than you think. Today, clear broken, unused, excess clothes hangers out of the closet. Don’t just do this in the clothes closet, do it in the hall closet as well. Today I answer, What to do with clothes hangers? Which ones to hold onto, to donate, and where to store the keepers.

Wire hangers

Most dry cleaners will accept wire hangers.

Broken hangers

Recycle or trash broken hangers that are no longer useful.

Used hangers

Donate used hangers you no longer need. PickUpPlease.org and other organizations accept them.

Keep these

Hold onto the hangers you use. The ones that hold your clothes without damaging them, like hangers that create shoulder bumps.

Hanger storage

I use this hanger organizer to keep my hangers from becoming a tangled mess. It gets saves space by giving empty hangers a place to go besides hanging, empty, on the rod. And I can easily tote the hangers to the laundry room to hang things up.

Clever use for a hangers

I share these somewhat hesitantly, these ideas are in no way meant to encourage you to keep all the hangers, “just in case”

  1. Keep your cookbook open to the right page and off the countertop by clipping each side of the open book to the clips on a pants clothes hanger. Then hang from a kitchen cabinet knob. *this only works for lighter cookbooks, too heavy and it falls.
  2. A wire hanger, stretched out, can help de-gunk a clogged drain.
  3. Stake a tomato plant in the garden using a wire hanger.
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