What to do with leftover lollipops

what to do with leftover lollipops

Today is National Lollipop Day! That makes it the perfect day to finally toss old, crushed, and uneatable leftover lollipops. If you find some, here is what to do with leftover lollipops.

Where to find stale lollipops

Check the bottom of your handbag, they like to live there. Also, check the kitchen junk drawer. I often find some in the glove box of the car, my bank hands them out at the drive-thru.

What to do with leftover lollipops

Please toss the gross, icky, broken ones. Seriously, why are you keeping them?

Where to donate leftover lollipops

Yes, you can donate candy and lollipops. Check out, Treats for Troops accepts candy, treats, and lollipops. A good resource to remember on National Lollipop Day and Halloween!

Mark the Calendar

Now you know today is National Lollipop Day. I hope you celebrate by eating a lollipop. I love the ones with gum inside. I do not like the ones with a chocolate candy inside. When I was a child we would go camping, nearby there was a “penny” candy store. I can still remember the rows and rows of clear glass jars that held multi-colored lollipops. It was magical.

Keep This, Toss That (the book)

Tips like this one, are in my new book, Keep This Toss That, pick up one today. If nothing else, it doubles as a great paperweight to hold down your pile of mail you keep saying you are going to go through.

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