What to do with old trophies

What to do with old trophies

When it comes to what to do with old trophies you have a few options, besides letting them continue to collect dust.

But, before you do anything with them, you might want to snap a photo. The photo will be a memory jogger of the event, without keeping the whole trophy. Bring all the trophies into good lighting and snap a group shot. And if there are any super special ones, maybe they get an individual trophy. If you feel sentimental about the name plate, that can be removed by a trophy maker, before you donate the whole piece. Save the name plate in a scrapbook, or place them in a shadowbox. If the photo is enough then just keep that. Or you may not even need a photo, your choice.

How to Donate the Trophies

Search for a local organization at DonationTown.org by entering your zip code and scheduling a pickup. Or mail them to Medals4Mettle.org or SportsMedalRecycling.com.

How to Display the Trophies

A wall mounted rack takes up less space. This is the best shelf for displaying trophies and hooks for hanging ribbons and awards.

In my treasure box, I have a few of my old track medals. I used to run track and I participated in the long jump. My sister has many ribbons, she had a collection of Brayer horses she would show. If you want to keep some, but not display them, a treasure box might be the answer.

Now, I’d give you a trophy for doing such a great job decluttering, but the trophy would just be more clutter 😉

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Great job on a quick win! Now you know the answer to the question, “what to do with old trophies?”

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