What to do with used perfume bottles

What to do with used perfume bottles

We all have one. That long lost bottle of perfume or cologne, collecting dust in the back of a bathroom cabinet. And we all have a random sample of perfume or cologne tucked in a bathroom drawer. Whether it is one you tried and didn’t like, won’t finish, never opened, or loved and used up, this is what to do with used perfume bottles.

Idea #1

Share opened bottles with friends or family that might like the scent more than you.

Idea #2

Donate unopened bottles or travel or sample sizes.

Idea #3

Sell unopened bottles.

Idea #4

List unopened bottles on a local buy nothing group or Freecycle.

Idea #5

Check Ebay or Etsy to see if you have a valuable collectors bottle that you can sell for cash. If you have a vintage bottles, search the goantiques database.

Idea #6

Make something crafty with the bottles. I took one with a large mouth and used it to store beach sand and tiny shells. Wait, maybe forget I gave you this idea. I feel like it might lead to a “bottle-collecting-but-never-crafting” situation.

Idea #7

Recycle the bottles.

Most perfumes and colognes will keep their fragrance for up to three years. Much beyond that and the scent, color, and consistency can change. Fragrances are meant to be used up. Apply the ones you like, share, sell, or donate the ones you don’t. Yes, even if it was a gift or you paid a lot of money. If you don’t use it- then why keep it?

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