Where can I donate pens

Where can I donate pens

If your kitchen or desk drawer won’t open because it is overflowing with pens, then this is the list for you. Today I finally answer the question: Where can I donate pens? Wait, did you know you could? Yes, you can share your unused pens. Don’t share the ones that won’t write or have no ink. And keep your favorite ones (these are mine and they come in fun colors) for yourself.

My office drawer is a collection spot for all the pens I’ll never use. Some are flimsy promotional pens, some are too heavy, some are too light, some glob when I write, some are a fine point and rip the paper, some have a cap, and I think we can all agree I will misplace the cap.

For a myriad of reasons these are the pens I will never use, which has me questioning why I keep them. But what if I need them? I tell myself. When I know I have plenty of “good” pens and enough ink to last a lifetime. So, that brings us to the question, where can I donate pens? Here’s your answer:  

Where can I donate pens? This is a list of 15 ways:
  1. Restaurant staff (through the years I’m sure I accidentally walked away with one so it is fair to give some back) 
  2. Cashiers (again, accidentally walked off with one or two – and they are so happy to get them)
  3. Post on a Buy Nothing Group
  4. List on Freecycle
  5. GiveBackBox
  6. PickUpPlease
  7. GoGreenDrop
  8. Day Care Center
  9. Churches/Houses of Worship
  10. Retirement Homes/Assisted Livings
  11. Youth Clubs
  12. Scouts
  13. Homeless Shelters
  14. YMCAs
  15. Local Library

I hope this list helps you clear the unused pens from your drawers today!

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