Where Can I Donate Used Shoes

Where Can I Donate Used Shoes

Here is the surprisingly simple answer to the question: Where can I donate used shoes? If you have some extra shoes to share try one of these easy ways to share them with someone who can use them:

  1. DSW Shoe Warehouse is a collection point for the Soles 4 Souls organization. You can donate them in-store or (at some locations) curbside. Call before going to confirm they are currently accepting donations.
  2. Zappos also collects shoes for Soles 4 Souls, but you mail them at no cost to you. Simply go to their website and print a postage paid mailing label to attach to your box.
  3. If you prefer to have your shoes picked up you can use DonationTown.org to choose a local organization and schedule a pick-up.

Shoes to KEEP

Keep the shoes you wear. The ones you need. The ones that fit and are in good condition. For the ones you keep this is how to organize shoes in coat closet.

Shoes to SHARE

Donate the shoes you think you will wear, but never do. The ones you know you don’t wear. Think about the ones with the heel height that is too tall. The ones that pink your toe. The ones that are difficult to put on or take off. The ones that do not go with anything you wear. The ones that hurt your feet.

Shoes to SELL

If you have shoes that are new or in really good condition; especially brand name shoes, you might consider selling them. Weigh the cost of your time versus any potential profit. If you want to give it a try, look into Poshmark or TheRealReal.

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