Where can I sell used clothes online

Where can I sell used clothes online

If you have a shirt you never where and you are wondering, where can I sell used clothes online? I have the answer for you today!

How to Sell Used Clothes
  1. Poshmark.com (Listing an item is free, fees for sales under $15 fee is $2.95. Sales above $15 the fee is 20%. The buyer pays the shipping.)
  2. Thredup.com (Order a free closet clean-out kit. Postage is paid by them to ship it. If you don’t end up accepting the price or they won’t buy something IF you want it back, you pay the return shipping. If you don’t want it back they will donate it for you.
  3. Rebag.com (Sell designer bags by searching for your bag on their database. Once you get the price you can get a pre-paid mailer to send the bag to them)
  4. Therealreal.com (An online consignment shop for luxury items including clothes. They pay up to 85% of each item’s sale price.)
  5. Tradesy.com (Sell authentic luxury shoes. clothes, and handbags. Items sold for less than $50 commission fee is $7.50, items sold for $50 or more commission rate of 19.8%)

Of course, always check the fine print to make sure the company is a right fit for you. Also, the fees listed were current at the time I wrote this.


Just like in a rack in a store, clothes closet dividers are a great addition to your closet at home. Hang labeled dividers from the rod so you know what is where. Group clothes by size, season, or style.


If you are selling used clothes online make sure you store them in on spot. Otherwise, you might end up accidently donating or misplacing the item. Then, when it sells, you won’t be able to fulfill the order.


Now you know the answer to, where can I sell used clothes online?


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