Where Can You Donate Toys

where can you donate toys

Are you cleaning out a child’s playroom? Tidying up their bedroom? Are you sorting through toys in the basement or attic? If the toy chest is overflowing, you might have some toys to share. If so, you might be wondering where can you donate toys. So, if you are ready to share and you need to know, where can I donate new toys, where can I donate children’s toys, or where can I donate gently used toys, I have complied a helpful list for you.

  1. Go Green Drop
  2. Salvation Army
  3. Goodwill
  4. Pick Up Please
  5. United Way
  6. Donation Town
  7. Listing it on a “buy nothing” group through social media
  8. Check with friends, family, and neighbors
  9. Head Start Programs
  10. Local Day Care Centers
  11. Toys for Tots
  12. Shelters
  13. YMCA
  14. Religious Centers, Church, Synagogue, Mosque 
  15. Operation Homefront
  16. Doctors’ Offices
  17. Social Services
  18. Second Chance Toys
  19. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America
  20. Host a Garage No Sale and give them to the children in the neighborhood
Feeling Sentimental?

If you are ready to share the toy, but seeing it brings back a flood of memories; snap a photo. Seeing the photo can bring back those same memories. Keep the good feelings but toss the clutter!

Great Job!

If you were wondering, where can you donate toys, now you know the answer! Hopefully these suggestions will be useful.

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