Where to donate items

Where to donate items

Today I have the answer if you are wondering where to donate items. The answer: print a free, prepaid shipping label at GiveBackBox.com. Then fill a box with donations. Tape the label to the box and you’re done!

Where to donate items

Of course this is just one idea. You can also schedule a pick up with a national organization through DonationTown.org or GiveBackBox.com. Or you may have a local organization you like to support.

But do you know the one thing you have to do before you can give things you are not using away? You need to bag or box them up. Thinking about sharing your unused items is not the same as decluttering a space and boxing them up.

Now that you know where to donate things, the next step is collecting the things from around you house to donate. While you are sorting stuff try asking yourself one of my favorite questions to help me choose what to keep and what to “toss”.

Helpful questions to ask when you are thinking to donate an item:
  1. Would I buy today full price?
  2. Would I move with this – if I were moving to another country?
  3. Is this easily available to me elsewhere?
  4. Would someone love it more than me?
  5. Keeping out of a love or guilt?
  6. Am I avoiding dealing with something by saving this?
  7. Am I keeping it “just in case” I need it?  
  8. Would I value the space, time, and clarity, more than this item?
  9. Does keeping this make my life simpler or more pleasant?
  10. Do I have more than one of these?
  11. Is it easily replaceable and/or can I borrow it if I need it?
Possible Hiccup

When you are decluttering and bagging up items you don’t use to donate you can have a hiccup or two. First you can forget to label the bag “donations” which means you’ll want to look through the bag to be sure you didn’t mix up the trash. When looking through the bag you may start to reconsider your decisions. You’ll take items out of the bag which means you are now shopping from your own donations. Also, if you make the bag, but never give the bag away you still have the stuff. Keeping the donations in your garage is not the same as getting rid of them. And driving around with a bag of donations in the trunk of your car for a year is a real possibility, unless you schedule the drop-off or plan a pick-up.

If you are wondering what to declutter today join me for this free online class. And find out why pet shelters love it when you declutter your linen closet.

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