Where to donate toys

Where to donate toys

Are you wondering where to donate toys? I have a bunch of ideas for you. Before we get to sharing still-good toys let’s talk about the no-still-good toys. While cleaning out the basement, if you come across old (and unusable) Mattel toys, like Barbie dolls, you can send them back to Mattel. They pay the shipping to get their old, broken, toys back. Then they reuse them when making new toys! Go to Mattel.com/Playback to print your postage paid label.

Where to Donate Toys

For the other toys you find, the ones you can donate, here’s how to donate new or gently used toys. While sorting and decluttering, when you come across toys that bring up memories, try taking a photo. That way you can donate the toys and still keep the memories.

  1. GiveBackBox.com
  2. DonationTown.org
  3. GoGreenDrop.com
How to Appraise Toys

Are you wondering if any of your old toys have value? Check out GoAntiques.com to look up the value of toys and collectibles. This is also a great place to look up value of other things in your home, like coins, cards, and more.

Toy Storage for the Toys You Keep

And this hammock is a clever storage option for the plush toys that you are keeping.

Learn More

Need even more resources? Check out Where to Donate Items.

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