Where to RECYCLE clutter

When you are unsure how to recycle something responsibly you might resort to simply keeping the clutter. Here are the most popular resources:

Freecycle.org give it away to a neighbor for free

Search for local disposal of items by zip code at Earth911.org

American Flag at most VFW Posts or search here

Crayons Crazy Crayons

Clothing/textiles H&M

Electronics RecycleNation.com Staples.com BestBuy.com

Markers any brand Crayola

Sneakers Nikereuseashoe.com sneakers and running shoes with little tread left

Xrays mail to: Xray Recycling 937 NW 8th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33311 include an addressed envelope if you’d like a certificate showing they’ve been recycled

Shred It Community Events shred paperwork events (search for local shredding by zip code)

Prescription medication Project Medicine Drop has secure take back boxes at most police stations call (800) 242-5846 or find a location