Where to recycle electronics

where to recycle electronics

I can’t think of a person I know that doesn’t have at least one leftover electronic device that needs to be properly recycled. And that includes me! I’ve had a broken tablet sitting in my hall closet for at least 8 years. Wondering where to recycle that broken printer that has been sitting in a closet for years? How about the old speakers in the garage? If you have been stuck for where to recycle electronics, I have the answer for you today.

Almost every Staples Office Supply store is a drop-off point for electronics to be recycled, including:

  1. desktop PCs
  2. laptops
  3. netbooks
  4. tablet PCs
  5. external hard drives and small servers
  6. all computer monitors
  7. printers
  8. desktop copiers
  9. faxes
  10. all-in-one devices
  11. mice
  12. keyboards
  13. modems
  14. routers
  15. PC speakers
  16. shredders
  17. streaming devices
  18. phones
  19. Universal Power Supply (UPS battery backup)
  20. mobile phones
  21. GPS devices
  22. MP3 players
  23. digital camcorders
  24. digital cameras
What To Do First

Of course call first to make sure. And don’t forget to wipe the device of any personal information. 

Another Idea
Remember, most towns host hazardous waste, electronic recycling, paper shredding events. Mostly in the spring and fall. Just google your town or county, 2021, and the phrase electronic recycling. If you can’t find one that way call the town for more information.

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