Where to Sell My Stuff

Ready to lighten up and line your pockets? Here are the most popular resources for where to sell your stuff:

Sell if:

  • It is worth more than it will cost you (time and money) to set up a sale
  • It will get you a profit of at or above a specific number you set that makes it worth your while to sell (something like a $100+ threshold)
  • You will actually sell it


You snap a photo, add your price and hope for a local buyer

Amazon.com Trade-In

This one gives you Amazon account credit – but still it is a sale – plus since you are trading it in you don’t have to wait and hope for a buyer

Bodnars Auction (Edison, NJ) 866-349-7378

Not sure if Edison is local for you, weekly theme auctions – and they can help you appraise items. If not them maybe another auction house?

Offer Up

APP on your phone



Local consignment shop

Local live auction house