Daily De-clutter Calendar Toss-of-the-Day!

Date: July 16, 2019
Broken light strands
Keep the lantern with the flameless candle that you love. Lose the light strands that no longer light up. Like the strand of solar café lights that won't work.

Join us as we “toss” an item a day.

Step 1: Click here to print your free follow-along calendar. Or re-print a copy if you lost the first one.

Step 2: Check back here or on any of my social media to see the toss-of-the-day. Toss = donate, give away, recycle, share, trash. Check out past tosses – no pressure to catch up – today is your day one.

Step 3: Share your toss item(s) so I can do the de-clutter dance with you! Plus, your tosses inspire others to keep going.