Toss-of-the-Day for Your Daily De-clutter Calendar!

Feb. 19th = CD’s / DVD’s / VHS Tapes 

The ones you never opened, the ones you opened but never watched/listened to, the ones you watched/listened to once, the ones you will never watch/listen to again. The ones you bought on sale but don’t like, duplicates, ones given to you as a gift, ones purchased on a whim. Consider giving them to a Friends of the Library sale or to a local hospital for patients to listen to while going through treatment.

Click here for the up to date list or to suggest a toss topic!

Join us as we “toss” an item a day.

Step 1: Click here to print your free follow-along calendar. Or re-print it if you lost the first one.

Step 2: Check back here or on any of my social media to see the toss-of-the-day. Toss = donate, give away, recycle, share, trash.

Step 3: Share your toss item(s) so I can do the de-clutter dance with you! Plus, your tosses inspire others to keep going.