Toss-of-the-Day for Your Daily De-clutter Calendar!

Feb. 20th = Board Games, Decks of Cards, Puzzles 

Those board games you never play, the dusty decks of cards, the puzzles you never get around to assembling. Think of passing them along to a local library for their game nights – then go the library on game night so you can play the games. Some libraries leave out a puzzle for patrons to help solve. Or maybe the local YMCA needs them? Or the neighborhood Senior Center?

Feb. 19th = CD’s / DVD’s / VHS Tapes 

The ones you never opened, the ones you opened but never watched/listened to, the ones you watched/listened to once, the ones you will never watch/listen to again. The ones you bought on sale but don’t like, duplicates, ones given to you as a gift, ones purchased on a whim. Consider giving them to a Friends of the Library sale or to a local hospital for patients to listen to while going through treatment.

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Join us as we “toss” an item a day.

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