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About Jamie

Organizing Humorist™ and bestselling author Jamie Novak travels between her offices in NJ and CA presenting programs on how to de-stress and de-clutter. When not on the road Jamie is searching for a cure to her addiction to clipping recipes she never prepares.

Workshop Titles and Blurbs

(typically the run time is 60 minutes followed by a Q&A session – the timing can be adjusted to fit your schedule)


How to Break Up With Your Clutter 

If you have trouble letting go, then this is the program for you! Come hear a humorous take on how to part with the things you no longer use. Overcome common obstacles to getting organized like keeping clothes you think you’ll wear, holding onto treasures, and saving items “just in case” you need them someday, just to name a few.

Spring Into an Organized Home

After all the winter fun get back on track for a more organized spring! Join Organizing Humorist and bestselling author Jamie Novak for this not to be missed program. She’ll share her laugh-out-loud funny approach for how to finally get that winter stuff put away. You’ll learn simple strategies to get things together after the holidays. And of course, she’ll cover how to clear the closets, get the top of your table back, and so much more.

The Secret of 10 & 10 Organizing  

Got clutter? If you have too much stuff and not enough time to go through it all, this is the class for you! Enjoy a few laughs while making a plan, finding the time, getting motivated. Make it happen without getting overwhelmed using the secret of 10 & 10 Organizing. Stop saying someday; get organized today!

Signature Evergreen Program: Keep This Toss That 

If you can’t open your drawers, if clutter topples out of closets, and paperwork covers your tabletops then run don’t walk to this de-cluttering comedy show! Join Organizing Humorist and bestselling author Jamie Novak as she shares her laugh-out-loud funny approach for what to do with all the stuff  – without getting overwhelmed. Wondering what to keep? What to toss? What to share or sell? And how to let it all go? Then run don’t walk to this workshop!

*These are the most requested programs. Don’t see the program you want? Jamie can create a program to meet your needs.

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