3 D’s of Your To-Do List

Are you feeling festive and a little frazzled?

You’re not alone.

This can be an extra busy time of year; which means your to-do list may be a little longer than usual. If that’s the case, then try the 3 D’s to help you pare it down today! 

#1 Dance 
Take a moment, do the I got it done dance, give yourself credit for all the stuff you ARE getting done!

It is too easy to overlook your own accomplishments. To diminish your successes. To minimize your achievements thinking they are too small to count. To focus on what more there is to do – instead of recognizing what you got done.
#2 Delete 
What’s one task you just don’t want to do?

What’s not worth your time, energy, attention? What can you skip without it being missed? What can you delete or delegate? What can you take OFF your to-do list? Taking one task off your list frees up time and energy to take care of what matters more.
#3 Decide 
Now that you’ve recharged you “getting stuff done” battery, it is time to decide what is NEXT.

What’s the next steps you’ll take? Where do you need to direct your time and attention? There is always a next so going forward I invite you to balance “next” with some ruthless deleting and enthusiastic dancing!

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