How to declutter your home today

Hanging on my wall is a piece of metal art. It has a bunch of swirls and curves all bent into a square. Because you can see the wall through it I tape a piece of scrapbook paper behind it to give it a new look. In the springtime I use a floral paper and over the winter holidays I use a burgundy or gold color. I love being able to switch it up and create a new look. But a very sad thing happened, it fell off the wall and one small metal swirl cracked off. I tucked the piece in my jewelry box and had every intention of gluing it back on. That was twelve years ago! There was always a reason why I didn’t do it, mostly because the glue was expensive and I only needed a drop. Recently I decided that if I’ve lived with it this long- and honestly I don’t even notice it anymore- I can forget about fixing it. What do you have hanging around that you’ve been meaning to fix? Today is the day to fix it or forget it!

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