How to organize gift bags in a closet

How to organize gift bags in a closet

This is how to organize gift bags in a closet. Yes, that’s right, today we finally sort through the gift bags! The ones that are too good to use. The giant ones and the tiny ones you never need. And the ones that have been re-used one too many times.

First, sort your collection by size. Look them over and discard any that can’t be used/re-used. They might be crinkled, damaged, torn, or missing handles. Next, from the bunch of usable gift bags, select a variety of sizes to keep.

Use Organizers to Store Them

This gift bag organizer stores a bunch of bags in a compact space. If you prefer to hang the bags this hanging might be what you need. But, if you want to store rolls of gift wrap, bows, and more use this organizer.

Donate Some

Yes, you can donate gift bags. Give away any that are still usable (or new) but you don’t need. Now that you know how to organize gift bags in a closet, check out a list of where to donate the extra. Keep your momentum going by joining me online next week for these free online programs:

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And if you don’t have a copy of Keep This Toss That I’d suggest picking one up today. You’ll find yourself highlighting pages and using it as an ongoing reference. Plus, it makes a great paperweight for the pile of papers you keep saying you’ll go through one day.

Great job on a quick win! Now you know the answer to the question, “how to organize gift bags in a closet?”

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