This Is The Answer If You Need More Space

Do you need a little more space? Me too! 

Sometimes to get more space we need to de-clutter and remove things. But sometimes to get more space all we have to do is: MOVE 1 THING! 
I know, it’s so easy, it might sound almost too good to be true. But it works. 

Swapping out lightweight jackets for heavier winter coats I needed more hall closet space – so I moved the air bed to the linen closet. 

Bringing out the large serving platters for the holidays I needed more kitchen cabinet space – so I moved the smoothie maker to the garage.

Needing a roll of tape I found myself buying a bulk pack of six rolls. I shoved them all in the drawer. Then I could not open the drawer – so I moved five of the six to a box of extra office supplies. 

My guess is that if you need more room you can move 1 thing to create space. 

The trick is once you move it you have to remember WHERE you moved it to. Or you’ll find yourself:

A. re-buying it
B. going on a frantic search to find it or
C. forgetting you own it

Which brings me to part two of this tip. Jot a reminder (or note on your phone) so you know where you put it. This could be as simple as a running list on the inside of the kitchen pantry door. 

Just don’t forget where you put the list. 

If you have extra space in one place and too much stuff in another; then a single move can create the space you need. So, my question is: what will you move today? 

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