10 Minute Inventory

Yesterday after running a few errands I had an “oh-no” moment!

First, I picked up Holly’s favorite dog food at the pet store.

Then, I stopped at the craft store for a tub of under-the-sea stickers. This week I am the guest reader at my niece’s school when I’ll get to read a book to the class then we will do a craft – which is why I need the stickers.

After that, I ran into the grocery store for avocados. Dinner was tacos and I needed them to complete the meal – luckily they were ripe.

Then, I popped into the beauty shop to grab a tube of my favorite hand lotion. I had 15% off coupon which was expiring that day.

Finally, I went to the home store where I spent way too long walking around looking for a car charger for my cell phone. The one I have stopped working and I use the phone as my GPS in the car so I have to have a working charger.

On another note now I have an old broken cell phone car charger that has to be disposed of properly.

Anyway once I arrived back home I had five shopping bags to carry in the house. I walked into the house and Holly was there to greet me. I hadn’t been gone all that long but by her greeting you’d think she hadn’t seen me in days!


After dropping the bags, I spent time with her. When I got back to the bags I looked for my wristlet. I don’t carry a wallet – instead I use a wristlet.

It comes in handy when I want to slip the strap over my wrist and go. I was almost sure I’d slipped on the wristlet before grabbing the shopping bags from the car. But I could not find it.

I looked in my tote bag – it wasn’t there.

I looked on the kitchen counter – it wasn’t there and I got a little nervous.

I looked on the floor – it wasn’t there and I got even more nervous.

I looked in each of the bags – it wasn’t there and I got even more nervous.

I leashed Holly up and went to look in and around the car – it wasn’t there and now I was very nervous.

The wristlet has ALL my important cards and cash.

I started to stress about having to freeze/replace all the items. What was even in the wristlet? Did I have my driver’s license number written down somewhere?

I kept looking, inside the car, outside the car outside the house and back inside the house. Then there is was! Under the bookcase near the front door – I guess when Holly was running and jumping she kicked the wristlet and it slid under the bookcase.

After breathing a sigh of relief I knew what the Tuesday Tip would be this week- make an inventory of your wallet (or in my case wristlet.)


Basically you want a copy of what you carry:

  • Special photographs
  • Driver’s License and/or other ID’s like employee
  • Credit cards and the number to call if the card needs to be cancelled and replaced
  • Library card
  • Health Insurance card
  • Loyalty cards
  • Membership cards like the gym or warehouse club
  • Anything else you carry


  1. You can write down all the info
  2. You can copy (both sides) by laying them on a photocopier and grabbing a copy of both sides – just do not store the copy in your wallet
  3. You can snap photos of the items and email them to yourself (note: if you take the photo with your phone delete the photo OR password protect the photos – there are apps to do that. If your phone is lost, you don’t want people to have access to your data.)

That’s it! This should take less than 10 minutes.

Hopefully you will never need the list but you’ll have peace of mind knowing you have the list should the need arise. Plus, a little time spent now will save you lots of time later should your wallet go missing or it gets kicked under the bookcase by a cute puppy named Holly.

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