Foodie Friday: Oven Roasted Parsnips

Foodie Friday is that one day of the week when I actually prepare one of the recipes I’ve clipped then abandoned in a shoe box on my kitchen cabinet shelf.

foodie friday recipe boxSide note: If I invite you over for dinner make sure it is not on a Friday since you never know how good the dish I’m making will turn out.

002 This week the lucky winner is oven roasted parsnips and carrots (minus the carrots since I’m not a fan of roasted carrots) by InaGarten.

003Step 1: buy the parsnips and other ingredients I don’t have on hand. I added them to my shopping list.

004Okay ready to give this a go.

006Pre-heat the oven to 425.

008 And peel the parsnips. I love my OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler

009To keep the mess to a minimum I use a Corelle 2-Quart Serving Bowl as my trash so I can just dump it once. I got a little carried away with the peeling and not all the peels made it in the bowl.015Now cut the parsnips.011And cut them again.

012And again. 013Into the bag for a quick mix with the oil and herbs.

016A splash of olive oil.

017Okay that’s enough.

019Grind in McCormick Italian Herbs

021Looking good.

022Dump them out onto a foil lined baking sheet.


Spread them out into a single layer.

026And into the oven.

027Twenty minutes on the clock.

029That’s when I saw the butternut squash. Why not roast that too?

031I went with cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg and a little paprika.

032Into the bag, sprinkle and toss.

033Side note: red/brown spices stay fresher longer when kept in the fridge. Paprika, nutmeg, cinnamon, cayenne, you get the idea.

034Onto the pan ready for the oven.

030That’s when I saw the mushrooms on the shelf in the fridge. Since the oven was already on why not roast them too?


Question: do you rinse your mushrooms under water or do you peel them? Comment below I need to know…

038I went with garlic for the mushrooms. Some garlic got on the mushrooms, most of the garlic ended up on my kitchen floor. The lid was left opened- no one knows why.

041Clean up in aisle one, this is the garlic powder I spilled on the kitchen floor.

042Mushrooms on the baking sheet ready for the oven.

045 I took this shot to remind me to tell you how great my kitchen smelled with all those veggies roasting. YUM!

047Halfway finished – time to flip.

052And done! Taste test time. Parsnips were a winner! Slightly sweet, crisp, and overall yummy.

053Butternut squash browned up nicely. Also sweet but equally delicious.

054 And the mushrooms were all sorts of garlicky. I love garlic so these were just right for me.

065Last step: I rated the recipe – I only file 4 and 5 star recipes. 1, 2 or 3 star recipes get recycled immediately, no sense keeping a recipe I don’t love especially when I have so many I do love.

And I made a note that the parsnips REALLY shrink, by almost 50%, so cut them larger.

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    • Jamie Novak

      I think you’ll love them Kristy. I hope you’ll pop back and let me know how yours turned out!

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