How Much Do Used Books Sell For

How Much Do Used Books Sell For
How Much Do Used Books Sell For?

If you are scanning your bookcase for some books to sell, check bookscouter to find out which online book buyer is paying the highest price.

How to appraise books online.

Check Biblio or AbeBooks to checkout valuations of vintage, signed, limited edition books.

Sell Books from Home

Bookscouter is one place to sell your books. Powells is another.

Sell your Textbooks

Log onto Cash4books or Chegg to see about selling textbooks.

Donate or Share Your Books
  1. Better World Books
  2. Donation Town
  3. Local Library
  4. Pick Up Please
  5. Salvation Army
  6. Goodwill
  7. Assisted Living Communities
  8. Free Little Libraries
  9. Local Theaters as set props
  10. Freecycle
  11. Bookmooch
  12. Books for Soldiers
  13. Operation Paperback
  14. Prison Book Program
  15. Books for Africa
  16. African Library Project
  17. Reader to Reader
  18. Kids Need to Read
Send Your Book Around the World

Create an account at bookcrossing then tag your book and wait for your book to be picked up and watch the log to see where your book travels.

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