How to declutter your home today

How many emails do you have in your inbox? One hundred? More? One thousand? More? Ten thousand? My personal inbox has close to seven thousand emails. I always think I’ll sort them out one day – it hasn’t happened yet – but it might! In the meantime today let’s delete one – or a block of them. Bonus if you unsubscribe first, that prevents unwanted ones from returning. If you use Gmail try clicking the tiny down arrow that shows details – many times there is an unsubscribe option right there. That way you won’t have to scroll to the end of the email. You’ll find the arrow right next to the name of the person that sent you the email. And use the search feature to search for all of a same email so you can select and delete them all with one click. For example, search by store name, or person, or a particular email address. You could even search by year, like 2010, to see all the emails from that year.

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