How to organize your home office

how to organize your home office

Are you ready to organize your home office? If so, you can start with that stash of return address labels. The ones that are so old they don’t stick any longer and the ones for where you lived three addresses ago. Is your office drawer is overrun with the free return address labels sent to you from charitable organizations? Keep the ones that are in good condition and the ones that are correct. Let go of the ones that you will not use or are no longer usable.

While the return address labels in the drawer is a great place to start, there are so many other ways you can easily organize your home office. Take a look at the desk drawers and look for quick tosses like broken pens, snapped rubber bands, and rusty paper clips. If you are ready to tackle the pile of mail you’ll want to have the Guard Your ID Roller roller nearby to “erase” personal information before recycling the document. Or take note of upcoming shred it dates where you can bring a bag (or three) of paperwork that needs to be shred.

You’ll also want to note the dates when you can recycle old electronic equipment. Part of organizing your home and office is getting the old, unused items out the door. If they are still good then donating them is a great options. Otherwise recycling is the best way to go. What you don’t want to do is to keep them in your office where they will continue to collect dust.

Give yourself a deadline to finish your home office organizing project. When you block off time in your calendar and make the project a priority you are much more likely yo make it happen. If you are wondering which papers to keep and which to toss while decluttering your desk, join me online this Tuesday via Google Meet for How to Organize Your Paperwork.

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