How to Reduce Clutter at Home

Today I am sharing one of the best tips when it comes to learning how to reduce clutter at home. A simple tray can solve the clutter piles. So when you are looking to get more organized, try my tray method.

Hint for how to reduce clutter at home:

When you read, try a tray, did you automatically think about shopping for a new tray? When you are learning how to reduce clutter at home, shopping for more stuff is the opposite of paring down. Don’t add to your clutter by purchasing one more thing. Instead, shop at home first. There is a really good chance you have a tray or platter or box lid or shallow basket you can re-use. Even if you end up wanting to invest in a tray later on, use something you already own to get this new habit going.

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Great Job

Now you know how to reduce clutter at home! I can’t wait to hear if you try my tray method.

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