How to Use BBQ Leftovers

How to Use BBQ Leftovers

This past weekend the USA celebrated Independence Day! Which included a lot of grilling and backyard BBQ’s. If you didn’t use up all the coleslaw and potato salad or have leftover hot dogs, check out how to use BBQ leftovers.

Transform Potato Salad

You can make a mash up of a potato pancake/fritter/hash brown sort of thing by forming a patty, then rolling both sides in Panko breadcrumbs, before skillet frying it in a pan. Or try it in a toaster oven if you prefer to bake it.

Make Something New with Coleslaw

Go for a fish taco! Cook a frozen fish stick or a piece of fresh fish. Place the fish on a crunchy or soft tortilla and top with leftover coleslaw. Or add coleslaw to your deli meat sandwich. It is especially good on a corned beef or pastrami on rye bread.

Hot Dog and Coleslaw Mash Up

If you have leftover hotdogs, warm them and top with the coleslaw. If you have a shaker of celery seed in the pantry, try a sprinkle on top.

Reuse Hamburgers

Crumble hamburgers into a chili. Freeze extra chili if it is too hot to eat it now.

Chicken Redo

Add a few spices, like garlic, cumin, and paprika, to BBQ chicken and you have the base for fajitas. Toss it in a pan with sautéed peppers and onions, then eat it with soft tortillas. Serve sour cream, avocado, and salsa on the side.


Leftover sausage can become the topping for a pizza.

Revamp the Hot Dog

My Mom would slice leftover hotdogs and make a hot dog hash using (you guessed it) leftover baked potatoes. She would dice the potato and brown it in a skillet using a little butter. She would add chopped onion and the sliced hot dogs. A sprinkle of paprika for flavor or a dash of onion powder and you have a tasty meal. She would also do this same with the leftover ham after every Easter.

Great Job!

Now you know how to use BBQ leftovers! Hopefully these suggestions sparked your creativity. The goal is to use up the food before it becomes an unusable science experiment.

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