National Clean Your Desk Day

Countdown to Clutter Free! Take 10-minutes today, on National Clean Your Desk Day Clear three things out of the desk drawer, creating storage for things you can remove off the desktop. Ready, set, declutter!

Print your fill-in-the-blank calendar here.

Tonight 10 Tiny Organizing Tasks for a Clutter-free New Year (free) and online 7pm

Let this be the year you keep your resolution to be more organized! Join us for this laugh-out-loud humorous virtual program with organizing humorist and author of Keep This Toss That, Jamie Novak. During this online program she will share the top ten tiny must-do tasks to take on this month. Help to ensure a clutter-free 2022 by creating your own list, then jumpstart your decluttering when she guides you through your first mini task, live, during the program. You’ll log off with a must-know tips. Jamie will share a list of helpful resources. And you’ll create your own ten point tidy up to-do list. If you have too much clutter and not enough time, this program was designed for you. REIGISTER

Tomorrow Tuesday 4pm et (free) and online

5 Clutter Catch-All’s to Organize This Week 

Does your side chair collect clutter? How about the junk drawer? Join best-selling author and organizing humorist Jamie Novak for this virtual program when she reveals how to organize the top 5 clutter catch-all’s. You may have seen Jamie on morning TV or read her newest book, Keep This Toss That. If you are ready for a humorous take on those spots that always collect clutter, then this is the program for you! By the end of the week, you’ll have less clutter. Jumpstart your progress with a live, guided, tidy-up during the class. REGISTER

Tomorrow Tuesday 7pm et (free) and online

3 Secrets for a Clutter-free New Year: stop sorting and store more today 

Are you tired of sorting through stuff? Could you use more storage space? If so, join author and organizer Jamie Novak for this one-hour virtual program when she’ll share three secrets to: 1. Finally get organized 2. Find more storage space 3. Stop sorting stuff  REGISTER

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