New Year 2022

Countdown to Clutter Free – start the New Year with a clutter free fridge.

Only you can prevent unidentified food. Take 3 minutes to label leftovers before freezing them. Then move fridge leftovers to one shelf, so you remember to eat them, before they become science experiments. Ready, set, declutter!

Print your fill-in-the-blank calendar here.

Keep This Toss That for the New Year

If you can’t open your drawers, if clutter topples out of closets, and paperwork covers your tabletops then log on for this   de-cluttering comedy show! Join Organizing Humorist and bestselling   author Jamie Novak as she shares her laugh-out-loud funny approach   for what to do with all the stuff – without getting overwhelmed.   Wondering what to keep? What to toss? What to share or sell? And how to let it all go? You won’t want to miss this program! REGISTER

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