What to do before you open your gifts

Once upon a time on Christmas Eve 2015 I opened a gift, it was a really pretty strand of dragonfly shaped lights that worked by remote control. If we’ve been friends for some time you already know how much I like dragonflies.

I was so excited to look at them I took them out of the package immediately. They were really pretty, all shades of blue, aqua, and turquoise. After the party I went to display them and turn them on. That’s when I realized the remote control was missing! Not in the box. Not in the gift bag. Not on the floor. Not under the couch. Not anywhere.

The search intensified and everyone started looking. The bags of recycling were dumped out, the living room looked like the trash can had thrown up. Gift wrap, ribbon, bows, and tissue paper were strewn everywhere. Almost an hour later, finally, in the middle of a ball of crumpled tissue – there was the remote! That’s when the list of gift opening goodies was created. Here’s the list of things I gather in advance: 

  • A charged camera or phone for photos (note: be sure you are in some of the shots)
  • Zip lock baggies for small parts and instruction manuals or remotes LOL
  • An envelope to capture gift cards and gift receipts
  • Batteries and the tiny screwdriver for opening battery compartments 
  • Sticky notes to make a note of the gift is from so you can thank the giver (and to ensure if you re-gift it, you don’t gift that person their own gift – not that I’ve ever done that)

That’s it. Having these few things handy has prevented me from having to jump up to grab them. And it has prevented accidentally losing things.

Even if you don’t need to gather all this, because you are not opening lots of gifts, hopefully you enjoyed my story. This week I wish you the happiest of holidays. 

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