What to do with old men’s ties

What to do with old men's ties

Today I want to share some ideas for what to do with old men’s ties. If you have a closet or drawer with a few (or a few more than just a few) unused men’s ties, you are reading the right post today!

Share the Men’s Ties

Today, pull out a handful of unused men’s ties to donate. You can give them to a local organization, or bag them up and schedule a pick-up with an organization of your choice through DoantionTown.org. Also try checking with a social worker at a local hospital to see if they maintain a clothes closet for men returning to the workforce. A local house of worship might also have a similar closet, you can check with them as well.

How to Organize Men’s Ties

Keep ties wrinkle-free and ready to use by organizing them neatly. Find the one you are looking for easily by paring down to just the ones you use. Then try clever storage for the ties you are keeping. This is an awesome in drawer storage tray. If you prefer to hang them check out this organizer.

Ways to Reuse Men’s Ties

Did you know that silk ties can be used to “dye” eggs? You can find the directions online, it involves boiling them with some vinegar. I made them one year and they came out great. I think I still have them in a closet somewhere. I might need to think about tossing those and making a few more.

What To Do with Treasured Ties

There is a good chance you have some ties that have meaning. Whether they once belonged to a loved one. Or they are special ones that have a particular meaning or they are part of a treasured collection. Did you know expert crafters can transform men’s ties into artwork? Check out Etsy.com to find artisans that can turn ties into a unique throw pillow, wall art, and so much more. If might be a way of taking special ones and making them into something cool or useful.

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