Where Did I Put It?

Have you ever spent an hour (or three) searching your closets and drawers for an item you know you own but just can’t find?

Hey, it happens to all of us. Yes, it has happened to me too!

Not only do you waste time, but it is frustrating, and usually you create a bigger mess as you embark on this treasure hunt.

Sometimes you find it and sadly sometimes you don’t find what you are looking for (until you no longer need it – then it is right in front of you!)

What might you be looking for?

Honestly, it could be almost anything. Anything you tucked away or hid in a really “safe” spot.

Maybe something like: 

  • An important document – like a birth certificate
  • A gift you bought early and plan to give in a few weeks/months
  • A large serving platter for an upcoming outdoor BBQ
  • A specialty lightbulb for an appliance
  • A business card for a service you heard was great but at the time you didn’t need

For me, it happens less these days, because I have a system. In fact, today I presented a session at the NJALA Conference and afterwards I chatted with an attendee who uses a similar system to the one I use. Then I realized I don’t think I’ve ever shared my Where Did I Put It? System (WDIPI) with you!

So today is a very special day. Get ready for something brand new!

The WDIPI System goes like this: keep a reminder about where you stored an item.

Sounds pretty easy right?

Well not so fast….

If you jot a note on:

  • the back of a napkin
  • the top of a grocery store receipt
  • the back of an envelope

Then there is a really good chance you’ll spend an afternoon on a treasure hunt just for the reminder note you wrote yourself.

There has to be a more formal plan in place. Nothing fancy, nothing difficult and nothing too time consuming. But you have to stick with the plan, consistency is key. Once you know where to keep your notes you are all set!

So what are the options? 

  • You could keep a little notebook designated just for these WDIPI reminders.
  • You could keep a folder on your computer with a written text document (the good thing about this option is it is searchable.) So you could type picnic basket and if you have a reminder with those words it will pop up.
  • You could email yourself. Use the same subject line each time. You could do something like WDIPI picnic basket – again this is a searchable option. Just search your email for all the WDIPI emails.
  • You could keep a running list on a sheet of paper which you hand on the inside of a cabinet door – maybe the kitchen to keep it handy.
  • You could start a folder on a note app like Evernote. Don’t worry if you don’t know what this is. It is simply a tech version of a notebook.
  • You could use the memo note feature on your smartphone.
  • Or you could come up with your own system.

The key is to have ONE consistent place, and one place only, to leave yourself these little reminders.

This will hopefully make it easier to track down those items you know you put some place but you just can’t find!

I can’t wait to hear which of these WDIPI Systems you are going to put in place.

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