I once opened a birthday gift from a friend, it was a cake pop maker. I was so excited! We had been sharing cake pop recipes and she knew I was interested in making them. When I got home I opened the box and a card fell out, it was a card gifting the cake pop maker to my friend from someone else. Whoops.

I wasn’t insulted, I was just happy to be able to make cake pops. But it could have gone wrong. I think re-gifting is allowed – as long as the item you are gifting is something you would have bought for the that person anyway. My one rule is: make sure you know who gave it to you so you don’t re-gift it to the original gifter. I do that by sticking notes to the item. So if you received a gift that just isn’t your style add it to your gift shelf. Just inspect it first 🙂

Feeling guilty? Don’t. Remember the gift is only a physical representation of that person’s affection for you. The real gift is that they care for you so much they gave you something, that’s the REAL gift. The item is just a thing, and no one who cares about you would want you to be burdened by something that just isn’t right for you.

In case you are wondering I have yet to make a cake pop, and yes, I continue to clip cake pop recipes.

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