3 Steps to Solve that Paper Pile

Piles of paperwork can reach dangerously tall heights.

They threaten to topple over or they begin to slide. Because you need to use the table or counter where they are located you need to keep moving them from flat surface to flat surface.

It is tempting to leave the pile to deal with when you have more time. But we rarely have more time. So, instead of waiting until we can go through all the papers how about we take three simple steps today – steps that will help to shrink the towering pile of paperwork.

You have to start somewhere – so how about here with these three simple steps! Ready?

Step 1 Shred Something

Chances are you have some piece of paper with personal information on it. Of course, you want to shred it (or tear it up.) So why not just do it now?

One less paper on the pile!

Step 2 Read Something

Really, just read it – or at least skim it. The town newsletter, the reminder note you wrote yourself, the envelope filled with coupons you don’t need. Read it now and if you are lucky you can read then recycle!

Two fewer papers on the stack!!

Step 3 Decide About Something

I can’t stress this one enough. You must decide about something! This step takes practice and some days you might be better about this than others. But never give up, just keep trying. Deciding = decluttering.

In your paper pile, you may have things like the community theatre brochure, a clipped recipe for the best chocolate chip cookie ever, a menu for a new local restaurant, a book review or even an invitation to a birthday party.

Sound familiar?

These papers are the ones that require you to make a choice. The good news is there isn’t really a “wrong” choice so you can’t make a mistake.

This is how it goes:

The community theatre brochure- skim it – anything look good? No? Recycle it? Yes, check your calendar then order the tickets.

A clipped recipe for the best chocolate chip cookie ever! Really? No need to add this to the shoe box with all the other recipes you will never prepare. Instead be brave and let it go – or make cookies today.

Recipes are available online, in magazines, in cookbooks, at the library, and in the box of clipped recipes you are saving but have yet to try. You won’t miss this one – honest!

NOTE TO SELF: Do not try to sort recipes when you are hungry!

A menu for a new local restaurant. Check it out – does it look good? If so mark the calendar with a lunch or dinner date and a reminder of where you want to go.

A book review. Does it look like a book you might like to read? You can add the book title to your Amazon wish list or keep a running list of books to read or reserve it at your local library.

An invitation to a birthday party. Do you like these people? Do you want to spend time with them? Are you available? If yes RSVP yes if not RSVP no. If you change your mind later you can always ask the hostess if you can still attend.

See how simply deciding can help you purge your pile of paperwork – one choice at a time.

Three steps and three less papers!!!

Way to go!

Now repeat this tomorrow and you’ll be six papers down. With any luck in just a few weeks you’ll be able to see the top of your dining room table.

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