Getting Your Paperwork in Order

Do you have a to-do list with some projects that never seem to get done?

Me too!

I want to re-paint the bathroom but first I have to choose a color. So that will probably never happen.

I want to re-read Pride and Prejudice but I have so many new books on my to-read pile. So that will probably never happen.

And I want to turn an old armoire into a crafting cabinet. But that will also, probably never happen.

One other to-do that is not nearly as fun as crafting, reading or painting is getting your paperwork in order. These are the documents you need to keep handy in case of an emergency.

It is one of those things we know we need to do. But it is not that fun to think about – so oftentimes we put it on the back burner. And the truth is if we simply did it we could stop thinking about it!

But it can be overwhelming, after all how do you know what documents do you need?

No worries, I complied a simple checklist to help out. You can click here to print it. It is two pages but don’t panic – you might not have every item on the list.

Today is the day to get it together! One item on the list at a time.

Then we can worry about the painting, reading and crafting another day.

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