Clothing: a simple stress-free seasonal swap

clothing seasonal swap out by Jamie Novak jpegclick here to print the seasonal swap out cheat sheet

Could you use some extra closet space?

If so then it might be time to store away a few things you won’t need in the coming months.

Usually you’d grab a big storage tub and toss everything inside.


  • The tub will be super heavy to carry.
  • It is difficult to find a place to store a big container.
  • All the clothes are mixed up.

A better solution is to opt for a few smaller storage containers. Then group like clothing together. All the t-shirts, all the shorts or all the size 10 clothes (if you have a tendency to fluctuate sizes.)

Now you can pull just what you need when you need it. Plus you can see exactly how much of what you own.

So will you give a simple, stress-free seasonal clothing swap a try?

If you’re going in be sure to avoid the dreaded “what was I thinking” moment by working in small blocks of time in one section of the closet. DO NOT pull everything out of the closet at once, there is little chance you’ll have the time, motivation, energy or focus to finish the task in one sitting. But you WILL see success by working on a little at a time until it is finished.

Go for it! I know you can do this. Think of how easy and enjoyable it will be to get dressed in the morning when you have a closet filled with in-season clothing that you love, looks good on you, is your current size, wears well, washes easily and gets you compliments!

120And one more tip: if you have season specific clothing like a snowman turtleneck or a sequin embossed tank top you only wear for the holidays then you might want to store them away with other holiday items.

No sense having to skim past a snowman top in mid July, it wastes your time and your storage space, space you could be using for the current season clothing!




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